College Activities

Generating Support

College Activities

College Activities to be completed in collaboration with faculty and administration

Activity #1

Using the grid developed in the Knowing Your Audience Module, add columns for those employers who provide support to your college’s foundation through scholarships, donation of supplies or materials, etc. Complete the grid for each employer with these categories in mind.

Activity #2

Working with your foundation office determine if there are ways to gain testimonials, develop press releases for larger donations, or identify other ways of recognizing not only sizable but frequent donations.

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Activity #3

Working with your faculty, compile a ‘wish list’ of equipment, materials, or supplies for your program. Include your foundation office in this process so they may assist with seeking out employers who may have interest in donating.

Activity #4

Encourage faculty to tour local employers’ facilities and note the types of equipment used. Some employers may be willing to provide access to their suppliers for discounts, or to discuss rotating their used equipment.

Activity #5

Work with your faculty to determine if they have kept track of program graduates and where they are working. Past students understand the needs of the program and can be tapped for adjunct faculty positions or faculty externship opportunities.

Anticipated Outcomes:

  • Increased testimonials to assist with expanded employer involvement
  • Increased awareness of your program by employers
  • Increase in donations of all types