Generating Support Self Check

Generating Support

College Self-Check

This self-check is for your information only. It may be completed by a variety of college staff followed by a discussion of options for gathering and gaining access to information.

Gathering Input

  1. Do local employers provide materials, supplies, or equipment that support your program needs?
  2. Do employers connected to your program donate to scholarships for program students?
  3. Do you host competitions or clubs supported by your employers with funding, materials, or time?
  4. If unable to donate equipment, have you asked your employers to provide access to their suppliers?
  5. Do you have lab assistants that are provided by local employers at no cost?
  6. Do employers have staff that serve as adjunct faculty in your program?
  7. Do your faculty have opportunities for paid externships with your employers?
  8. Are any of your labs supported by employer-funded naming rights?

This self-check is for your information only. For the items you marked “Don’t Know” please consider using the Discussion Planner as a resource to learn about your college’s practices.

It is suggested you work through all the employer engagement modules and review the Strategies from the Field and other resources for ways to improve your college’s employer engagement initiatives.