Employer Outreach Activities

Knowing Your Audience

Employer Outreach Activities

Activity #1 – Get Involved

Based on your findings from identifying all employers in your sector, ask to attend a Chamber, Economic Development organization, Workforce Development Board, and/or College Foundation board meeting. Note the employers at the meeting and introduce yourself to them, if appropriate to the setting.

  1. Follow up with a note of appreciation to those employers for dedicating their time to the board they serve on and let them know how their work contributes to your college’s goal of workforce development.
  2. Ask if you may schedule a time to meet with them to learn about their business. The purpose is to listen, not sell what your College already has in place.
  3. Use Outreach Plan Worksheet to prepare and follow-up on your outreach activity.
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Activity #2 – Finding the Fit

Develop a checklist form to use with employers to gather information on items such as type of industry credentials they recognize, etc.

Each employer will have different needs and interests so be prepared to identify the best way to have each employer engage with your college, through providing internships, hiring graduates, serving on an advisory committee, participating in Career Fairs, etc.

NOTE: Do not overwhelm the employer with “100 ways to engage with our College” but rather listen to them and offer one or two ways for them to get involved. Consider developing materials that highlight all college engagement activities as a “leave behind” for employers.