Mining for Deeper Engagement

Mining for Deeper Engagement

College Activities

College Activities to be completed in collaboration with faculty and administration

Activity #1

Using the grid developed in the Knowing Your Audience Module, add columns for internships, job shadowing, guest speakers, mock interview participants and mentors. Complete the grid for each employer with these categories in mind.

Activity #2

Based on the completed grid brainstorm ways to

  • Recognize those employers who are engaged in more than 5, or 7, or 10 activities (you determine the number). Consider creating bronze, silver, and gold levels and providing plaques showing the college’s appreciation for their engagement. Plaques could be hand delivered and photos taken to share on your website.
  • Gather testimonials (written or video) from your connected employers and use them in marketing materials.
  • Increase the involvement of those with a limited number of “X’s”. Do you tend to invite the same employers to events while missing out on including others?
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Activity #3

Consider your college’s career fairs. Do they need a refresh? Perhaps a sector approach rather than an all industry fair could allow for more employer participation since they would only see students interested/trained for their sector.

Activity #4

Analyze your college’s graduate job placement data to determine who is hiring your employees. Note: You may have recorded this information on the Involvement Grid in the Knowing Your Audience Module, but if not, now is the time to add that data. Note specifically those employers who have NOT hired your grads. Consider holding a focus group with just those employers to learn why.

Anticipated Outcomes:

  • Increased enrollment
  • Increased graduate placement
  • Deeper engagement with employers assisting with recruitment and marketing