Knowing Your Audience Self-Check

Knowing Your Audience

College Self-Check

This self-check is for your information only. It should be completed by staff members representing multiple levels within the college and followed by a discussion of options for gathering information.

Gathering Input

    1. Does your college conduct an employer satisfaction survey?
    2. If yes, how often is it administered?
    1. Do you know how the results are used and/or distributed?
    2. Does your college use the survey responses to make improvements?
  1. Does your college have representation on any of the following? (Mark all that apply.)
    1. Industry associations
    2. Workforce development boards
    3. Economic development boards
    4. Chambers of commerce
    5. If yes, do you know how information from those meetings is shared and used at the college?


4. Does your college track the employment rate of your graduates?

  1. If yes, do you know how that information is shared at your college?
  2. Do you know the employment rate of your students and graduates for each program your college offers?
  3. Do you know the percentage of your graduates who are working in the areas they trained for?
  4. Do you know which employers hire your students or graduates year after year?
  5. Do you know which employers/organizations don’t hire your students or graduates?
  6. Do you know the reason(s) why?
  7. If yes, do you know how your college uses this information?

Outreach Activities

5. Do you know who at your college provides outreach to employers?

  1. Do you know how information from employer outreach is gathered and shared?
  2. Do your continuing education and academic divisions share information on employers?
  3. If so, do you know how that is accomplished?

For the items you marked “Don’t know,” use the Discussion Planner to learn more about your college’s practices.