Mining for Deeper Engagement Self-Check

Mining for Deeper Engagement

College Self-Check

This self-check is for your information only. It may be completed by a variety of college staff followed by a discussion of options for gathering and gaining access to information.

Gathering Input

  1. Do employers offer internships geared specifically to your program’s students?
  2. Are your students offered job shadowing opportunities with employers in your area?
  3. Do you include guest speakers or industry tours as part of your program?
  4. Do you have an up-to-date list of guest speakers/industry tours for your program courses?
  5. Have you continued to grow the list and add new speakers/tours as new companies come to your area?
  6. Do employers provide mentorship for your students throughout their program?
  7. Does your college hold career fairs?
  8. If so, are they sector specific?
  9. Has the number of employers participating in career fairs grown over the past 5 years?
  10. Are both large and small employers represented?
  11. Do you include employers in mock interviews to help students prepare for job searches?
  12. Do you know the employment rate of your graduates for each program your college offers?
  13. Do you know which employers hire your graduates year after year?
  14. Do you know which employers don’t hire your graduates and the reason(s) why?
  15. Do employers send their current employees to your college for continuing education and skills upgrades?
  16. Do employers suggest/recommend your program to job candidates who lack needed skills?
  17. Are employers represented on the College Foundation board?
  18. Do employers provide scholarships for students?
  19. Do employers donate equipment/supplies?
  20. Do employers support foundation fundraising events?
  21. Do you have an annual employer partner recognition event for your program or overall at the College?
  22. Do you have some type of award for strong employer partners?
  23. Do you highlight strong employer partners for your program through social media?
  24. Does college use a framework to rank engagement level?
  25. If so, does college have definition of each level of engagement?
  26. Does college have strategy to move employers from one level to the next?
  27. Does college have diversified strategy to engage with employers at each level?

This self-check is for your information only. For the items you marked “Don’t know” please consider using the Discussion Planner as a resource to learn about your college’s practices.