Generating Support Employer Outreach Activities

Generating Support

Employer Outreach Activities

Activity 1

Working with your college’s foundation office, host a recurring thank you event (perhaps quarterly, annually, by industry sector, etc.) for employers who have donated at the program level (materials, supplies, scholarships). Consider developing a collateral piece outlining how employers can enhance their partnership with the college. List specific actions that support hiring needs, training needs, and company visibility.

Activity 2

Arrange for video or written testimonials from those employers. Have the college’s social media team push these testimonials out and support employers doing the same.

Activity 3

Share your program’s “wish list” with employers to determine whether they can assist with referrals to their suppliers or donate items on the list. Coordinate with your college’s foundation office as appropriate.

Activity 4

Connect with past program graduates and invite them back to see the labs and learn about program needs, including the need for adjunct faculty. Suggest they bring their supervisor or human resources manager along on a visit/tour.