Mining for Deeper Engagement Employer Outreach Activities

Mining for Deeper Engagement

Employer Outreach Activities

Activity 1

Identify employers who are highly engaged with the college. Reach out to them with notes of appreciation, plaques, and other gestures of appreciation.

Activity 2

Meet with employers to obtain testimonials stating why and how they are engaged with your college. Post these comments on the college website and social media pages.

Activity 3

Check in with Employer Partnership Team to see if others have contacts with “new” employers. If so, ask colleagues to make introductions. Conduct outreach to new employers each week. Meeting with one to three employers each week will increase your college’s exposure in the community and your understanding of employers’ needs.

Activity 4

Hold a focus group meeting with employers that are not engaged (according to your completed Employer Engagement Worksheet). The meeting should be hosted by a high-ranking administrator (ideally the college president or vice president). If possible, hold the meeting near a lab related to their industry and include a tour.

Activity 5

Once a semester host a breakfast for employers that are new to the community or have not previously interacted with your college. Invite currently engaged employers and give them an opportunity to speak on the benefits of engagement. Consider co-hosting the breakfast with economic development or workforce development agencies to draw in employers they work closely with from a recruitment and retention standpoint.