Joining Voices Employer Outreach Activities

Joining Voices

Employer Outreach Activities

Activity 1

Meet with employers individually to discuss joint interests and how you might partner to benefit both the employer and the college.

Activity 2

Initiate conversations at the company CEO and college president level to discuss ways your college could benefit from the employer’s voice at local, state, and national forums.

Activity 3

After brainstorming the initiatives your employers are passionate about, look for an intersection where your college can assist them and they can assist you. Skills training and apprenticeships, for example, are areas where the interests and activities of colleges and employers naturally intersect.

Activity 4

Branding (e.g., attaching a company logo or name to a college lab or building) is an effective way to highlight your joint interests. It demonstrates a high level of trust that the college must be dedicated to upholding.