Joining Voices Self Check

Joining Voices

College Self-Check

This self-check is for your information only. It may be completed by a variety of college staff followed by a discussion of options for gathering and gaining access to information.

  1. Are your employers connected to more than one program area? (business, manufacturing, healthcare, etc.)
  2. Are any local employers serving on national associations which could increase your network access or make them natural sector leads?
  3. Do you know which employers are working at a state or national level regarding education, training, skills attainment, etc.?
  4. Are any of your employers interested in getting their name in front of your students on a regular basis? Do they want to increase their brand recognition with the next generation of workforce?
  5. Do your employers want to join others to discuss and problem solve skill and/or employee shortages?

This self-check is for your information only. For the items you marked “Don’t Know” please consider using the Discussion Planner as a resource to learn about your college’s practices.

It is suggested you work through all the employer engagement modules and review the Strategies from the Field and other resources for ways to improve your college’s employer engagement initiatives.