Mining for Deeper Engagement Employer Outreach Activities

Mining for Deeper Engagement

Employer Outreach Activities

Activity #1

Based on college discussions around recognition of highly engaged employers, reach out with notes of appreciation, plaques, etc.

Activity #2

Meet with employers for testimonials of why they are engaged with your college and in what ways. Add these comments to the college website and marketing media.

Activity #3

Conduct outreach to new employers each week. Meeting with one to three employers each week will increase your college’s exposure in the community and your understanding of their needs.

Activity #4

Hold a focus group with employers that are not engaged (according to your Involvement Grid) hosted by your college president or vice president. A breakfast meeting that allows them to share their ideas and concerns will net you new ideas. If possible, hold the meeting near the labs related to their industry and include a tour.

Activity #5

Once a semester host a New Employer breakfast and invite employers that are new to the community or have not previously interacted with your college.

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